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ITV (inspección técnica de vehículos) is the safety and road worthiness vehicle inspection. The ITV is only a technical inspection of your vehicle where they assure that the most basic elements of safety, lighting and driving are in perfect conditions, and that the emissions from your vehicle respect the environment. These tests are done in an authorised garage to carry out the ITV inspection in the area.

The inspection on new cars is not necessary until the vehicle is at least 4 years old, as from then onwards it must pass its ITV every 2 years until the vehicle is 10 years old, from then on, the technical inspection is annual.

Bare in mind that if were to have an accident and the car needs fixing, you must pass the ITV to verify that your car is apt for driving.

In first place, we recommend bring your car to us for an ‘pre-itv’, this way we will check all the elements that are necessary to pass the ITV.

Once we are sure that everything is correct, we must schedule an appointment to pass our vehicle’s ITV.

Take the stress out of taking your own car to the ITV let us do it for you

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